Meet The Team

The executive and operational team provide extensive commercial and industry experience with a proven track record, led by a diversified board of directors.

Professor Andrew J Stewart Coats
Matt McNamara
Gustav de Bruin
Elaine de Bruin
Johnny Feng
Leo De Bruin

Non-Executive Chair of the Board,

Head of Medicine & Pharmaceutical

Professor Andrew J. Stewart Coats
President of the Heart Failure Association


Heart Failure Association

Andrew is an internationally renowned cardiologist, University leader and biotechnology entrepreneur. Born and native of Melbourne, part of his early academic years began overseas including Sweden and Japan, with Medical training from Oxford and Cambridge. Andrew has resided globally throughout his extensive career in the UK, Germany, Hong Kong, USA and Australia.

Andrew has published over 20 patents, and over 1,500 publications with more than 100,000 career citations, a personal H-index of 135 (ISI Web of Science, 31/3/2020) and ranked in the top 1,000 researchers of all time. Microsoft has ranked him as the top-ranked cardiovascular researcher outside the USA and the EU. Andrew served as Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Cardiology for 19 years, elevating the publication as the top-ranked independent journal in the field. Andrew is a lifelong heart failure expert, been the head of cardiology for Imperial College and clinical director of Cardiology in Europe’s largest heart hospital.


Andrew’s career includes over 30 years of board experience in the Biotechnology, Health, and Tertiary Education sectors. He has also served in two senior government roles, as Chairman of the NSW Ministerial Advisory Committee on Medical and Health Research (MACMHR) and as Chairman of the Australian Health Information Council (AHIC). Andrew has led fund-raising for the University of Sydney and oversaw the planning and launch of Australia’s most successful University campaign, totalling well over $500M raised in his career. Andrew holds an MBA from London Business School, a Diploma and Fellowship of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Andrew is also a seasoned entrepreneur, co-founding two multi-million-dollar companies. His entrepreneurial successes include PsiOxus Therapeutics; a 9-figure Oxford-based cancer immunotherapy biotech company and Actimed Therapeutics; an 8-figure clinical phase cancer cachexia company.

Additionally, Andrew has held Chairman and Committee member roles of multiple pharmaceutical clinical trials. He has served as Head of Cardiology at the Imperial College and Royal Brompton Hospital London, as Dean of Medicine and Deputy Vice-President at the University of Sydney, and as Academic Vice-President at the Universities of Warwick UK, and Monash Australia. Andrew is presently the President of the Heart Failure Association of the ESC, the largest specialist society in the world.


Andrew shares a common passion and excitement in ESN Cleer’s advanced technology with potential significant global impact. As ESN Cleer’s Chairman, Andrew is extensively involved in ESN’s strategic development and implementation in alignment to the thriving preventative and personalised medicine sector.

Professor Andrew J. Stewart Coats

Leo de Bruin

Managing Director,


Leo de Bruin

Leo has had a diverse range of experience over his career, from large corporates to the SMEs, holding CFO and other senior positions. His career began at Bank of New York in London and then led to JP Morgan and Barclays Capital in South Africa. Leo had successfully led his division to deliver process automation systems for the largest investment banks in the world. His banking and finance career had also included M&A transactions. Leo furthered his career in C-suite roles with a business development focus, delivering consistent growth to organizations. He has also been a successful entrepreneur for over ten years.

Leo’s family of medical specialists has led to his passion in the fields of medical, healthcare and technology throughout his life. After the passing of a family member from heart disease, Leo was on his pursuit for the opportunity to make a significant impact on the world. After years of research and advisory of specialists from multiple disciplines, the timing was ripe with Leo officially founding ESN Cleer in June 2018.

Since June 2018, Leo has put together a team of leaders from multiple disciplines and expertise. The board and advisory teams include leading influential and key opinion leaders of various industries and sectors. Leo continues to deliver his passion and superlative leadership personality to the ESN Cleer family of shareholders, directors, operations and strategic partners. While ESN Cleer provides an opportunity for substantial financial returns with a preventative solution to an enormous global problem. Leo will lead all stakeholders on the pursuit making a significant impact on the worldwide population of today, and years to come.

Matt McNamara

Non-Executive Director,

MedTech Commercialisation

Matt McNamara

Matt has had a long and successful career devoted to many aspects of healthcare across NYSE listed companies right through to start-ups. His career commenced with Merck & Co. where he was the number one rated sales representative in Australia, moved to Sales Management and Marketing where he launched several pharmaceutical products that improved the lives of millions of people globally. Matt then moved to Johnson & Johnson Medical where he ran the Vistakon franchise (contact lenses) for Australia and New Zealand. Next Matt joined a start-up company out of University of Sydney, which is where his passion for venture capital started. Matt has been CEO and CIO and currently CIO of three different human healthcare venture capital funds management groups. Over the last 14 years the funds Matt has been associated with have delivered >20% IRR.

From university days where Matt attained an honors degree in molecular biotechnology, he has been passionate about commercializing biotechnologies. It is the knowledge that with his efforts patients all around the world can lead a fuller and healthier life, that drives his enthusiasm for finding and helping new technologies come to market.


In 2019 Matt embarked on a Portfolio career of Board positions and investment funds to assist the best start-up companies reach their full potential. Having worked in the cardiovascular space for many years at Merck, Matt was particularly struck by how important the objectives of ESN Cleer were. He, like the rest of the organization, understands the incredibly positive impact early warning signs of potential Heart Failure would have on many millions of people and their families worldwide.

Johnny Feng

Chief Operations Officer,

Executive Director, Co-Founder

Johnny Feng

Johnny has had an extensive career in delivering turnkey solutions for global consumer markets. His background in Digital System from Monash University has enabled his success in distinct industries including industrial equipment, children’s products and consumer health. Johnny began his career in hardware programming, progressed through the engineering ranks and senior management roles.


Early years of his career, the focus was on commercialising innovative technologies for the mass market. Working abroad in Asia and the US while supporting multi-million dollar corporations and SMEs, Johnny had implemented novel sophisticated mechatronics and unique manufacturing processes with multi-national global supply chain collaboration. In most recent years, Johnny’s focus has been business-development oriented, collaborating with multiple global powerhouse-retailers such as Wal-Mart and media licensing giants such as Disney, while concurrently managing supply chain and operations development.


After a successful career abroad, Johnny relocated back to Melbourne due to a family member’s dehabilitating heart disease episode. Johnny and Leo realised their shared passion – commercialising revolutionary science and technology for a significant global impact on the wellbeing for the mass population. Johnny joined Leo on the endeavour, co-founding ESN Cleer in 2018. Johnny’s focus at ESN includes business development, operational management and corporate compliance assurance implementation, propelling ESN Cleer with continuous growth for all ESN Cleer stakeholders and towards the pursuit of making a significant global impact.

Gustav de Bruin

Chief Information Officer,

Solutions Integration, Regulatory Affairs

Gustav de Bruin

Gustav has been involved with complex technical projects his entire career. Some of the industries included chemical, pharmaceutical, corporate, mobile and medical devices. Gustav has a passion for pushing the boundaries of science and technology. Holding senior and influential roles in the architecture & design, development and delivery of specialist technical projects, Gustav proved that he could drive projects to business outcomes. He believes in rolling up his sleeves to unravel technology & science myths and gain deep subject matter understanding where others fear to venture.


With family in the medical space, Gustav became increasingly aware that a gap between science and technology existed. There was a tremendous opportunity to make better use of technology in the medical field. A growing curiosity in medical application of the latest technological advancements resulted.


As the first member of the ESN Cleer team after it was founded, Gustav has been instrumental in shaping the science, product development and vision of the company. Gustav brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and access to specialist industry experts to help guide and shape the way forward. A long list of startup mistakes have been avoided and mitigated under his leadership so far. His commitment and passion will make solutions for a better future possible.

Elaine de Bruin

Communications Manager

Elaine de Bruin

Elaine brings a broad range of skills and experience that cover various industries. The key focus of her career has been to facilitate information exchange internally and abroad. Elaine’s success includes effective communications management to utilise relevant information efficiently to maximise results.

Elaine’s extensive management career included project management, communications and technical design, in diverse industries such as Architecture, Hotel & Tourism and Healthcare.

At ESN Cleer, Elaine takes pride in sharing the ESN Cleer journey and vision to the world, connecting with like-minded organisations and people through many of the best channels available.