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Repurposed Drug: ESNtx005

Since its establishment, ESN has progressed into a precision therapeutics company, developing its first repurposed drug, ESNtx005. This drug is targeted to specific rare disease subgroups within the type of Cardiomyopathy market segment.
ESNtx005 features include:

  • Repurposed Drug in Orphan Indications (de-risked)

  • Novel Composition of Matter (high value)

  • Specific Cardiomyopathy Segments – areas of major unmet medical need

  • Precision Medicine (accelerated clinical development pathway)


ESNtx005 repurposed drug significantly reduces development cost, time and risks towards commercialisation.

Repurpose Drug - Regulatory Advantage

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Orphan Drugs Market

With the US government's initiatives for rare disease patients, orphan drugs have become a significant segment of the therapeutic drug landscape.

  • The US government’s 1983 Orphan Drug Act provides substantial incentives to pharmaceutical companies to develop orphan drugs.

  • Between 2017-21, 118 orphan drugs (48.8% of 242 new drugs in the market) were approved by the FDA.

  • Orphan drugs are at CAGR 12%, projected to reach US$300b in sales, reaching 20% of all drug sales by 2028.

  • US Government’s Medicare and Medicaid programs provide the majority of the orphan drug costs to patients.

  • In 2021, Medicare and Medicaid collectively spent US$92b (>30% of all drugs) on orphan drugs

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