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Pre-HF™ Test

The Pre-HF™ Test is a non-invasive laboratory saliva test. The test utilises a patent-protected biomarker panel and an algorithm to detect pathophysiological changes in the body. These include neurohormonal processes, renal distress, immune system signals, inflammatory responses, and fibrotic pathway signals.


The Pre-HF™ Test can detect early risk of Heart Failure accurately in saliva and urine. This solution provides the ability to detect early risk of Heart Failure (“HF”), enabling clinically actionable early treatment and progressive monitoring. 


ESN Cleer's notable investment in QUT's (Queensland University of Technology) 10 years of research, including a pre-clinical study, a publication and an accepted patent forms the foundation of ESN Cleer’s IP portfolio. 

ESN Cleer’s device/drug composite patent includes novel biomarkers, our algorithm, and a heart failure drug treatment.

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