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Early Risk of
Heart Failure Detection

ESN Cleer

ESN Cleer is a biotech company based in Australia solving a global problem. 


Heart Failure is the no.1 cause of hospitalisation; 10 million people die of Heart Failure annually with 68 million suffering from this debilitating disease. 5-year survival rates post-diagnosis is only 50% with 10-year survival rates as low as 10%. The Pre-HF™ test can detect and predict the imminent and clinically actionable risk of developing Heart Failure. This enables early treatment that help reduce hospitalisation and mortality. 

Pre-HF™ Solutions

ESN Cleer's saliva In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Pre-HF™ solutions provide the ability to detect early risk of Heart Failure, enabling clinically actionable precision treatment and progression monitoring.

The Pre-HF™ solutions remove time and cost barriers of detecting asymptomatic early risk of heart failure. It will enable practical preventative actions and significantly reduce the economic, emotional and social burden impacting the mass population.

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