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Early Risk of
Heart Failure Detection

Heart Failure

Heart failure affects 68 million people globally. It is one of the most significant causes of death, with 1 in 8 deaths attributed to the disease and over 60% of people diagnosed with heart failure die within five years.​

Early detection and preventative treatments can reduce Heart Failure hospitalisation and mortality. The current greatest challenge is the lack of early detection, resulting in late treatment causing immense social and economic cost.

Pre-HF™ Solutions

ESN Cleer's saliva In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Pre-HF™ solutions provide the ability to detect early risk of Heart Failure, enabling clinically actionable precision treatment and progression monitoring.

The Pre-HF™ solutions remove time and cost barriers of detecting asymptomatic early risk of heart failure. It will enable practical preventative actions and significantly reduce the economic, emotional and social burden impacting the mass population.

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