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Repurposed drug development of orphan indications in Cardiomyopathies

ESN Cleer is committed to transforming the way we combat specific segments of Cardiomyopathy with its focus on repurposed drugs of orphan indications (rare diseases without specific drug treatments). Such detrimental diseases are some of the most significant causes of Heart Failure—an ailment that heavily impact on a large spectrum of the CVD population.


Such diseases or syndromes carry a high mortality risk, but it also profoundly degrades the quality of life for those affected, thus underlining the importance of ESN Cleer's mission.

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Latest News

November 2023

ESN has been accepted (top 3% of applicants) to the prestigious European health science industry-focused capital raise platform after months of due diligence process!

•    BioExpert Network – an independent network of experts from the health science industry and investment community; achieved within the top 6% rated companies
•    Alira Health – independent renowned global healthcare and life sciences sector services (regulatory-commercialisation); ESN’s regulatory and market access is at 70% Optimising phase, well-advanced towards commercialisation
•    Elion – independent Intellectual Property legal powerhouse for the biotech and Medtech industry. ESN’s IP protection (market access/exclusivity/value) is at an astounding 80% rating.

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