Early Detection and Pharmaceutical
Intervention to Reduce Heart Failure

ESN Cleer is a precision therapeutics company developing combination Heart Failure diagnostics/treatments, delivering precision personalised medicine.


Heart Failure is the no.1 cause of hospitalisation; 10 million people die of Heart Failure annually with 68 million suffering from this debilitating disease. 5-year survival rates post-diagnosis is only 50% with 10-year survival rates as low as 10%. 

Companion Diagnostic Device (CDx)

We are developing precision medicine strategies in the Heart Failure (HF) drug market with diagnostic and therapeutic Companion Diagnostic Device (CDx) assets to identify the types and stages of HF patients who are most likely to benefit from personalised drug intervention.

The CDx assets include detecting the types and stages of HF currently difficult in the conventional clinical systems, with patient subsets identified for corresponding effective drug intervention. We are developing strategies to access specific HF drugs to combine into multiple CDx opportunities.

ESN Cleer CDx.png